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27th March 2014

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14th March 2014

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25th October 2013

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Miss Miranda by Centaur Vintage Nostalgia


Miss Miranda by Centaur Vintage Nostalgia

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23rd October 2013

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22nd October 2013

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30th September 2013

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25th September 2013

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Nikki Swings: Consent →


I wasn’t sure I even wanted to post about this, but it is an important issue. I’ve seen some posts recently that defines consent. Most of it I agree with, but a couple of statements I just feel are completely wrong. Well, mostly wrong. At the very least sometimes wrong.

"If they aren’t sober,…

This is an excellent post, thank you.

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15th September 2013

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9th August 2013

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28th July 2013

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15th July 2013

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Secret Agent Slut: Tumblr (Yahoo) is censoring blogs. →


Hello folks. I’m here to talk about this really recent problem that has shown after Tumblr was sold to Yahoo, who are now the ones that decide to take away our freedom.

This affects to +18 blogs, in whichever category you are: straight porn, gay porn, lesbian porn, yaoi,…

Both of my blogs have been flagged as NSFW

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29th June 2013

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30th May 2013

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